ARTUR JERZY BADYDA (born 1978) – doktor habilitowany of technical sciences, profesor nadzwyczajny of the Warsaw University of Technology. Head of the Computer Science and Environment Quality Research Department at the Warsaw University of Technology since 2016, head of the Environmental Physical Research Laboratory since 2010.

His research interest are closely linked to the topic of the environmental conditionings of health, including, in particular, the effects of air pollution on the environment and human health. His research interests are centered around issues related to environment protection, monitoring of atmospheric air pollution, broadly defined environmental protection, the impact of large infrastructural and industrial investments on the environment, energy efficiency and the development of new energy sectors as well as general environmental education, especially as regards the health consequences of exposure to air pollution. He is also active in the field of social consultations on infrastructural investments. Former advisor to the Ministry of the Environment.

At present, member of the scientific committee of the Medycyna Środowiskowa – Environmental Medicine periodical (since 2015) and the Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Science periodical (since 2013), statistical editor at the scientific periodical Medycyna sportowa (since 2011) and Editor in Chief of Challenges of modern technology (since 2010). Member of the National Committed on the Impacts on the Environment (since 2010), Chairman of the Fundacja na rzecz Młodych Naukowców [Foundation Supporting Young Scientists] (since 2010) and Chairman of the Main Youth Committee at the Central Technical Organisation (since 2008). Active member of scientific and industry association, currently a member of the Polish Association of Environmental Medicine (since 2014), an expert in environmental conditionings of health at the Polish Federation of Associations of Asthma, Allergies and COPD (since 2013), member of the Polski Ruch Czystszej Produkcji association (since 2012), member of the Polish Lung Diseases Society (since 2012) and member of the European Respiratory Society (since 2011). Member of numerous advisory groups in public administration bodies and commercial companies.
Dr hab. n. med. PAWEŁ BURDUK graduated from the Ludwik Rydygier Academy of Medicine in Bydgoszcz. Since 2018, he has been the acting head of the ENT, Laryngological Oncology and OMS Clinic at the Dr Jan Biziel University Hospital no. 2.
Author of over 170 articles and conference reports published in Polish and foreign periodicals on ENT, with special Focus on endoscopic surgery of the nose and sinuses and base of the skull, otosurgery, laryngological oncology, reconstructive surgery and phonosurgery. Active participant in numerous foreign and Polish courses, underwent academic and training internships in London, Dubai and Amsterdam. Member of the Polish Association of ENT surgeons of the Head and Neck, Polish Association of Skull Base Surgery, the European Rhinological Society, the European Head and Neck Society
JOLANTA KOSTRZEWA-JANICKA - Associate Professor in the Department of Prosthodontics, Medical University of Warsaw. Diploma of dentistry obtained in 1989 on the University of Warsaw. The specialization in general dentistry and dental prosthetics. In 2007 he received a PhD, and in 2013 the habilitation.
Jolanta Kostrzewa-Janicka participates in numerous internships and training abroad on topics such as physiology and pathology of stomatognathic system, with particular emphasis on the treatment of functional disturbances within the masticatory organ and prosthetic rehabilitation of patients.
She is a member of the Polish Dental Association, Polish Society of Masticatory Organ Dysfunction, the International Academy of Advanced Interdisciplinary Dentistry and the European Academy of Orofacial Pain and Dysfunction.
Main research and achievements in scientific activities relate to the epidemiology of functional disorders of the masticatory organ, general and local etiological factors of Temporomandibular Disorders, its diagnosis and treatment, prosthetic rehabilitation of patients with tooth wear, malocclusion, and prevention of functional disturbances within the masticatory organ.
Prof. WOJCIECH KOZUBSKI, MD, PhD - head of Chair & Department of Neurology, University of Medical Sciences in Poznan, Poland.
Graduated in Medical School in Lodz, Poland, in 1980.
Prof. Kozubski was scholarshiped in Academic Unit of Neuroscience, University of London, Department of Neurology, University of in Tel-Aviv and in Department of Neurology, University of Trondheim.
Author and co-author of over 290 papers concerning the migraine and related headaches, stroke, dementia. Editor of the handbook of clinical neurology for neurologists, on brain tumours, affective diseases of nervous system, therapy in neurology.
In the years 2011-14 - President of Polish Neurological Society.
Dr hab. m. med. WOJCIECH KUKWA is an ENT specialist. He has been an academic lecturer at the Medical University of Warsaw for 17 years. Since 2017, Head of the Otolaryngology Department at the Czerniakowski Hospital in Warsaw. Author and co-author of many publications on otolaryngology. Member of the Mazovian Division of the Polish Association of Otolaryngologists, Head and Neck Surgeons.
Founder and Chairman of the Zdrowy Sen Foundation conducting a screening programme to detect occurrence of sleep disorders in children in the first grades of primary school (www.fzs.org.pl).
dr n. med. JACEK NASIŁOWSKI, specialist in internal medicine and lung diseases, former adiunct professor at the Clinic of Internal Medicine, Pulmonology and Allergology of the Medical University of Warsaw.
Chairman of the Mazovian Division of the Polish Society of Lung Diseases, member of the Intensive Therapy and Rehabilitation unit at the Society.
Key research interests include: acute and chronic respiratory failure, respiratory disorders during sleep, pulmonological rehabilitation.
Head of the Clinic for the home treatment of patients with oxygen at the Clinic of Internal Medicine, Pulmonology and Allergology of the Medical University of Warsaw.
Coordinating physician of the team of long-term care for patients ventilated mechanically at the St. Vincent Medical Center home.
Dr n. med. PIOTR RAPIEJKO, ENT specialist
The ENT and Laryngological Oncology Clinic with a Clinical OMS Ward at the Military Medical Institute in Warsaw, Coordinator of the ENT subject at the Medicine Department at Collegium Medicum of the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University.
In the years 2010-2011, Head of the Scientific and Research Department at the Military Medical Institute.
Chairman in the 6th term of the Physicians’ Board of the Military Medical Chamber and member of the Chief Medical Board.
Member of the Military Medical Chamber (currently).
Head of the ENT specialisation of 6 physicians. Supervisor of 2 PhD theses. Supervisor of 10 MA theses. Member of the Head Management Board of the Polish Society of Allergology (2006-2011).
Author of 10 monographies, 10 books, 59 book chapters.
Editor in chief of the Alergoprofil quarterly (since 2005).
Secretary of the Otolaryngologia Polska bi-monthly (since 2006).
Prof. dr hab. inż. TOMASZ SOSNOWSKI:
- Deputy Dean on Science of the Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering at the Warsaw University of Technology (WIChiP PW)
- Head of the Chair of Integrated Processes Engineering at WIChiP PW
- Member of the Committee on Chemical and Process Engineering at the Polish Academy of Sciences
PhD dissertation (PW, 1997): Zjawiska powierzchniowe i hydrodynamiczne w układzie surfaktantu płucnego
Post-doctoral fellowship at Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute, Albuquerque, USA (1999-2000)
Habilitation monography (PW, 2006): Efekty dynamiczne w układach ciecz-gaz z aktywną powierzchnią międzyfazową
Title of Professor in Technical Sciences: 2016
Research interests
- Processes of transferring momentum and mass in liquid in the presence of surfactants
- Dispersion systems (aerosols, foams, liquid colloids, suspensions)
- Engineering topics in medicine, inter alia: manufacturing and delivery of aerosol medications (nasal and inhalation medicines), physiochemistry of the interaction of inhaled particles with the respiratory system, including the lung surfactant.
Expert of the European Medicinal Agency (2007-2015) and the Office for the Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products on the technical assessment of inhalation medicines.
Author of over 90 JCR articles (h=15), monography Aerozole wziewne i inhalatory (2010, ed. II: 2012), 4 patents in the field of inhalation of medicines.
Dr med. MARCIN STRABURZYŃSKI is a General Practitioner with special interest in headache disorders. He practices in the Mazury region of Poland in a small village medical centre and consults patients with headaches in a number of specialist centres in Warsaw. Graduate of the Medical University of Warsaw and co-founder, and for more than a dozen years now, member of the Board of the Polish Rhinologic Society. After graduating he continued his education at the Chair of Family Medicine at the Medical University of Warsaw where he obtained his PhD degree in rhinological manifestations of Granulomatosis with polyangiitis. Author and co-author of several original works, as well as articles and review chapters. In 2018, he completed post-graduate studies: Master of Headache Disorders at the La Sapienza University in Rome as part of a scholarship of the European Headaches Federation (EHF). This makes him the first Pole to ever hold a certificate recommended by the EHF. He runs a blog on headaches addressed to patients (bole-glowy.pl) and is the Chair of the annual Symposium: Headaches in Everyday Practice.
Prof. dr hab. n. med. PAWEŁ STRĘK
Chair and Clinic of Otolaryngology of the Collegium Medicum at Jagiellonian University
Kraków, Polska

Graduate of the Faculty of Medicine at the Medical Academy in Kraków. In 1991, he obtained his PhD degree with the dissertation “Kostnienie chrząstki tarczowatej krtani u człowieka” [Ossification of the Thyroid Cartilage of the Larynx in Humans]. In 1998, he obtained the doktor habilitowany degree for the work “Optymalizacja zastosowania operacji częściowego usunięcia krtani z powodu raka o pierwotnej lokalizacji w piętrze nadgłośniowym” [Optimisation of partial laryngectomy in patients diagnosed with primary supraglottic carcinoma]. Since 2010, a professor at the Collegium Medicum at the Jagiellonian University. In 2014, he was appointed as professor by the President of the Republic of Poland Bronisław Komorowski. Since 2016, professor of the Jagiellonian University.
In the years 1981–1993 he worked at the Descriptive Anatomy Chair at the Medical Academy of Kraków. Since 1985, he has been working at the Chair and Clinic of Otolaryngology at the Medical Academy of Kraków and currently the Collegium Medicum at Jagiellonian University. In the years 2012-2016, Vice-Dean for administration and clinical instruction at the Faculty of Medicine of the Collegium Medicum at Jagiellonian University.
Author and co-author of 175 scientific papers, primarily on the anatomy of the head and neck, oncology, rhinology, and swallowing disorders. Author and co-author of 240 presentations at national and international meetings and congresses.
In 1998–2000, Secretary of the Board of the Polish Society of Otolaryngologists and Head and Neck Surgeons. In 1994–2006 Treasurer of the Kraków Branch of the Polish Society of Otolaryngologists and Head and Neck Surgeons.
In 2006-2010, Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Kraków Branch of the Polish Society of Otolaryngologists and Head and Neck Surgeons. In 2010-2014, Chairman of the Lesser Poland Branch of the Polish Society of Otolaryngologists and Head and Neck Surgeons. In 2008-2012, Chairman of the Committee on the Professor Jan Miodoński Award of the Board of the Polish Society of Otolaryngologists and Head and Neck Surgeons and in 2012-2014 Chairman of the Committee on Honorary Members of the Board of the Polish Society of Otolaryngologists and Head and Neck Surgeons. In 2013-2017, Head of the Department of Rhinology and Plastic Surgery at the Polish Society of Otolaryngologists and Head and Neck Surgeons.
In the years 2011-2015, represented Poland on the governing bodies of the European Rhinologic Society.
Since 2017, Chairman of the Scientific Research Committee of the Institute of Physiology and Pathology of Hearing in Kajetany, Poland.
Dr hab. n. med. ADAM J. SYBILSKI is an allergologist and specialist in paediatrics, an experienced clinical doctor. He has been working at the Clinic of Children and Infant Diseases at the Allergology Centre of the CSK MSWiA hospital in Warsaw for 25 years. Head of the Clinic since 2008. At the same time, he has been practicing allergology for 14 years now.
Academic staff member of the Medical University of Warsaw, where he has been a recognised lecturer and academic professor for 15 years now. Author of over 180 papers on allergology and paediatrics and several book chapters. In 2018, he published a monography Choroby alergiczne u dzieci [Allergological Diseases in Children] addressed to paediatricians and family doctors. Member of Board of the Warsaw Division of the Polish Society of Allergology.
Dr hab. n. med. ADAM WICHNIAK, prof. IPIN is a specialist in psychiatry, holds a sleep medicine certificate from the Polish Association of Sleep Research, a certificate in cognitive-behavioural therapy of the Polish Association of Cognitive and Behavioural Therapy and an EEG license granted by the Polish Association of Clinical Neurophysiology. Member of the Board of the Polish Association of Sleep Research and the National Sleep Foundation, member of a team on sleep experts of the World Federation of Societies of Biology Psychiatry (WFSBP). Has been treating sleep disorders and conducting sleep research since 1998. Works at the Sleep Medicine Centre and the 3rd Psychiatric Clinic of the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology in Warsaw.
M.D. Assoc. Prof.; the topic of PhD dissertation and habilitation thesis was the pathogenesis of migraine. She is a specialist neurologist and works in the Department of Neurology, Medical University of Warsaw. Since 1994 he is a member of the Polish Neurological Society, since 1999 a member of the Headache Polish Society, and currently - president of the Headache Polish Society and a board member of the Warsaw branch of the Polish Neurological Society. As part of the scientific work she collaborate with specialists in other centers and has several research programs, mainly in the field of migraine, chronic migraine and also strokes. She has authored or co-authored more than 50 scientific articles and 14 chapters in book publications and the main editor of some books. She has teaching experience - for many years conducted practical classes with students, interns and residents, conducts seminars, lectures, faculties for students.
Prof. WOJCIECH GOLUSIŃSKI, Head of the Faculty and Clinic of Head and Neck Surgery and Laryngological Oncology at the Medical University of Poznań, in the Greater Poland Oncology Centre; President of the European Head and Neck Society (term 2018-2022). For many years now he has been the most recognised Polish laryngologist and head and neck surgeon in Europe dealing in the treatment of head and neck tumours. Author of over 200 papers, reports and presentations published in Polish and foreign periodicals. The works concern primarily the prevention of infection with the HPV virus in head and neck tumours and carcinogens and tumour markets in head and neck tumours. Other subjects discussed in the works are head and neck surgery with special Focus on reconstruction possibilities following extensive operations and functional endoscopic surgery of the nose and nasal sinuses. Professor Wojciech Golusiński is the initiator and founder of the National Programme for the Prevention of Head and Neck Surgery. In 2016, he was appointed by the Ministry of Health to the position of expert on head and neck tumours. Founder and Chairman of the Polish Association of Head and Neck Tumours.
Prof. dr hab. Tomasz Grodzicki has been the Deputy Rector of the Jagiellonian University for the Collegium Medicum since 2016, and in the years 2008-2016 he was the Dean of the Medical Faculty of the Jagiellonian University Collegium Medicum. Since 2001, the Head of the Internal Medicine and Gerontology Chair at the Medical Faculty of Collegium Medicum at the Jagiellonian University and the Head of the Clinical Department of Internal Medicine of the University Hospital on Kraków. In 2002-2014, the national consultant in geriatrics and in 2006-2008 the President of the Board of the Polish Society of Arterial Hypertension. Specialist in internal medicine, geriatrics and hypertensiology and a European Specialist on Hypertension. Professor Grodzicki is a member of numerous scientific and social organisations, including the Scientific Board at the Ministry of Health, the Health Committee at the Polish Academy of Sciences, the College of Geriatric Doctors in Poland and the Academic Board European Geriatric Medicine Society. Also a member correspondent of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Polish Academy of Learning. Author and co-author of over 200 publications on hypertension, geriatrics and cardiology including several textbooks.
Professor dr hab. med. Antoni Krzeski is the Head of the Otolaryngology Clinic of the Medical and Dentistry Faculty at the Medical University of Warsaw. In 1984, he defended PhD thesis entitled “The remote effects of operative treatment in chronic otitis media“. In 1995, defended his post Ph.D. thesis entitled “The role of ostiomeatal complex in the pathogenesis of chronic sinusitis”. Appointed as Professor in 2001.
Trained in the field of rhinosurgery under prof. G. Rettinger (Germany) and prof. E. Huizing (the Netherlands) and prof. E.B. Kerna (USA). Participated in the first ever in Europe presentation delivered by prof. H. Stammberger on functional endoscopic surgery of nasal sinuses at the congress of the European Rhinological Society in Athens (Greece) in 1986. This event had a strong impact on his further career. Prof. Krzeski was the first surgeon to implement this methodology in clinical practice in Poland. He had many Polish nose and nasal sinuses surgeons trained under him. In 2007, presented at the 19th Biennial Comprehensive Course in Rhinology and Rhinoplasty RHINOFEST 2007, Mayo Clinic, Rochester (MN, USA). He is the undeniable leader in rhinology in Poland. Enjoys high esteem abroad.
Since 2003, he has been organising RHINOFORUM, a medical conference in Poland inviting most prominent rhinologists and rhinosurgeons worldwide. He is also the founder of the International Seminar “Sleep Apnea & Snoring for ENT Surgeons”.
Author of 9 textbooks on rhinology and numerous publications in this field.
Polish delegate to the European Rhinologic Society and the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery. In 2008, became the Honorary Member of the Polish Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Society. Currently the Chairman of the Polish Rhinologic Society and is the editor-in-chief of Magazyn Otorynolaryngologiczny.
He also enjoys teaching and sharing his experience with young doctors.
Affiliation: Jagiellonian University Collegium Medicum, Faculty of Health Sciences, Institute of Physiotherapy, Physiotherapy and Stomatognathic Clinic

Małgorzata Kulesa-Mrowiecka, adjunct professor at the Institute of Physiotherapy of the Jagiellonian University, Faculty of Health Sciences Collegium Medicum in Kraków. Obtained her PhD degree at the Medical Faculty of the Jagiellonian University Collegium Medicum (JU CM). Graduated from MA studies in Physiotherapy at the JU CM. Works as lecturer at the Faculty of Health Sciences at JU CM (since 2003) and at the Medical Faculty at JUCM for the Medical School for Foreign Students (since 2008). Currently holds the position of Deputy Director of the Institute of Physiotherapy at JU CM. Presenter at numerous domestic and international conferences. Author of numerous publications and papers on physiotherapy of the functional stomatognathic system.
Conducted a few dozen post-graduate theoretical and practical courses for dentists, laryngologists, physiotherapists on the physiotherapy of skull and mandible disorders in the CRANIA concept. For 13 years now, she has been running a private practice in physiotherapy Fizjoterapia i Klinika Stomatognatyczna and the Centrum Rehabilitacji i Promocji Zdrowia CRMK in Kraków. She developed her original methodology of diagnostics and rehabilitation of the cranium and the mandibular joint disorders.
Collaborates with the Universidad de Almeria and the AGH University of Sciences and Technology in Kraków. Member of the Polish Society of Face and Skull Defects Treatment, the Polish Society of the Stomatognathic System Disorders, The International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine. Collaborates with gnathological teams across Poland. Completed internships abroad: Barcelona (Spain), Granada (Spain), Berlin (Germany), New York (USA). Her professional interests include: neurorehabilitation, cranial and mandibular joint disorders, posturology, gnathology, osteopathy. Member of the annual Organisational Committee of the International Conference Jagiellonian Spring of Physiotherapy. In 2015, she organised the 1st International Conference on Osteopathic Medicine in Kraków. A member of the scientific committees of periodicals. Patron of the Physiotherapy and Neurorehabilitation Scientific Club since 2012, operating at the Institute of Physiotherapy of JU CM in Kraków. Author of the book Diagnostyka i leczenie dysfunkcji czaszkowo-żuchwowych w ujęciu holistycznym and chapters in: Wybrane zagadnienia z onkologii głowy i szyi : podręcznik dla lekarzy i studentów (2017), Chirurgia Ortognatyczna. (2018). Organiser of the annual conference CRANIA ”Konsensus w diagnostyce i fizjoterapii stawów skroniowo-żuchwowych”.
Dr Maria-Magdalena Wysocka-Bąkowska M.D., Ph D., graduated from Warsaw Medical University in 1975 and practiced as student in Spain, France, Nigeria, Zambia. She worked in the Dept of Neurology of the Medical University in Warsaw, completed specialization, full board in neurology in 1981, got Ph. D. for studies of cerebral hemodynamics under different drug treatment in cerebrovascular insufficiency. She was involved in clinical practice and teaching, stroke management. Multichannel Rheography with nitroglycerine tests and Trans Cranial Doppler studies in early detection of carotid and vertebral arterial stenosis and stroke prevention as well as studies on nitroglycerine induced migraines, cluster headache. She established first Migraine and Headache Clinic in Warsaw in 1980.
Fellowship in Neurology and Neurophysiology in Trondheim University, head Prof Ottar Sjaastad, in 1984 and in 1986. Studies of autonomic functions in cluster headache, Hemicrania continua and CPH, cervicogenic headache
Fellowship in Boston, USA, 1992-1993 in the Dept of Neurology, Tufts University, NEMC, head prof L.R. Caplan, and in Headache Centre Faulkner Hospital. Courses in Headache and Chronic Pain Management in Harvard School of Medicine and Spaulding Hospital.
Since 1994 till 2009 head of Neurological and Stroke Department in district hospital. She has special interest in posterior cerebral circulation, occipital stroke, risk factors for young stroke patients, anomalies of basilar artery and symptomatic headache. Recently independent consultant neurologist, practice in Warsaw, Consulting in ENEL MED Clinic and Clinical Hospital in Warsaw, expert in headache and pain management. Doctor Wysocka-Bąkowska started Polish Migraine Association in 1997. She is actively involved in forming and board member of the Polish Headache Society, Polish Pain Study Group and member of Polish Pain Society. Board Member of the European Headache Federation. Involved in popularization of Migraine and headache as a clinical and social problem in media and press, lecturing and writing articles.
Foreign languages: English, French, Spanish, Russian, Latin
Special interest: arts, music, culture, travels
ISAM ALOBID is ENT consultant, Hospital Clinic Barcelona-Spain since 2001. He is Professor at Medicine School of Barcelona University since 2011. He has 479.67 impact factor points, H index of 28, and Research Gate Score of 41.64. He has accreditación from The Collegium Otorrinolaringologicum Amicitiae Sacrum (CORLAS) 2016.
He is currently membership in 7 scientific societies and participates in 13 clinical trials.
His main research field is chronic rhinosinusitis and skull base tumors. Isam Alobid had more than 30 awards. He is an editor of 7 books and 48 book chapters and a reviewer in more than 8 international journals. He participated in 201 scientific presentations at national and international congresses. Isam Alobid presented 90 conferences and round tables and organized 84 courses / workshops.
Dr. KLAUS DÜRING studied Chemistry and obtained his Ph.D. in Biology/Genetics. He has worked for 15 years in public academic research in the field of plant biotechnology. in 1994 he obtained his Habilitation in Molecular Phytophathology and appointment as Certified University Lecturer ("Privatdozent") in Genetics and Molecular Biology.
In 1998 he became a serial life science entrepreneur (biotechnology and medical devices). As CEO of Alaxo GmbH he is also the scientific expert. He has gained extensive scientific and medical experience and knowledge related to nasal breathing, sleep apnea and snoring, nasal fluid dynamics, chemical biology and physiology of nasal nitric oxide, and the health benefits resulting from mechanical splinting of the nasal airway.
Professor Dr. KARL HÖRMANN
President of the European Academy of Sleep Medicine President of the German Society of Dysphagia
Former Head and Chairman
Department of Otolaryngology, Sleep Center University Hospital Mannheim, Germany

Prof. Dr. Karl Hörmann had his residency, fellowship in Plastic Surgery and became consultant at the University Hospital Hamburg, Germany . He was chairman in charge at the University Hospital Lübeck, Germany, Director of the Department of ORLHNS Kaiserslautern, Germany.

He is fellow of the American Head and Neck Society, an active member of many societies, such as American Academy of Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery (AAO-HNSF), etc. He is honorary member of the Austrian, Czech, Japan Broncho-Esophageal, Estonian, German, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Royal Belgian, Spanish ORL Society. He has received many awards , including the 2004 Honor Award & 2010 Distinguished Service Award of AAO-HNS, Medal of Merit of the German ORL Society and The Hamberger Prize for outstanding contributions in Head and Neck Surgery of the Swedish ORL-Society . He was honored presenter of the Eugene Myers International Lecture AAO San Francisco, USA, JLO-Visiting Professor of the Royal Society of Medicine, London UK .

He served as President of the Union of European Medical Specialists (UEMS) ORL Section & Board, German Society of ORLHNS, German Academy of ORLHNS, German Society for Endoscopy and Imaging(DGE-BV), European Academy of ORL, World Congress of Bronchoesophagology, German Society of Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine and Honorary President of the German Society of ORLHNS.

Prof. Dr. Hörmann has a special interest in the surgical and non-surgical treatment of sleep-related breathing disorders with extensive experience in a variety of advanced sleep surgeries. He has been involved many aspects of clinical researches and published many papers in in the prestigious peer-review journals in the fields of the otorhinolaryngology and sleep medicine (400 Medline citations). Dr. Hörmann has also presented numerous papers at local, international society meetings and has been an invited speaker at many international conferences on sleep medicine.
DAVID J. HOWARD was appointed Professor of Head and Neck Oncology at Imperial College London in 2008 and remains Honorary Consultant Head and Neck Surgeon at Imperial and UCLH NHS Trust Hospitals.
He trained at St George’s Medical School, London, BSc Physiology 1968, MBBS 1972, FRCSEng1978 in General Surgery and FRCS(Ed) in Otorhinolaryngology /Head and Neck Surgery,1980.
He has published on many aspects of head and neck disease.
He has been an invited Visiting Professor to a large number of centres in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Australasia and Africa. He has worked regularly in Africa for twenty years. He is an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine.
MARK JORISSEN, MD, PhD, is Professor of Otorhinolarygnology, Head and Neck Surgery at the KULeuven, Leuven Belgium. He is head of the ENT Department of the University Hospitals of Leuven and responsible for the training of the residents. He completed his complete medical education and specialization at the KULeuven and completed fellowship in Utrecht, Erlangen and Graz. He is member of the board of the Royal Belgian Society of Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery since 1995 and editor-in-chief of B-ENT since 1998. He is founding member of the Belgian Rhinologic Society and served in the ERS. A number of clinical topics of expertise are cystic fibrosis, primary ciliary dyskinesia, endoscopic sinus surgery, adenocarcinoma.
RÓBERT KÉSMÁRSZKY MD, has obtained his inter university diplomes in Rhinology at the University of Paris and that of Tropical Medicine at the Ahmadou Bello University in Nigeria. He is commited to the humanitarian activity, regularly participates humanitarian missions and works in the Tropics (Uganda, Nigeria, Amazonia). Besides, his basic interests are the surgery of the salivary glands, the facial nerve and the thyroid; also, biomechanical research. He works as committee vice-chair in the young session of the International Federation of Otorhinolaryngological Societies and is a member of the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery. He regularly participates in major meetings as key-note speaker and moderator.
Prof. VALERIE LUND deals with all nose and sinus conditions and involved in endoscopic sinus surgery and its extended applications since the early 1980’s. She has contributed extensively to the literature with 40 books and monographs, 92 chapters and over 340 peer-reviewed papers and has lectured widely, delivering 20 eponymous lectures. She has received many international awards, prizes and Honorary Memberships including ERS, IRS and the American College of Surgeons. She is a Co-Chair of EPOS and has been Editor of ‘Rhinology’, General Secretary of the ERS and President of ENT-UK & BACO. She was elected to the German Academy of Sciences Leopoldina and made a Commander of the British Empire by the Queen for services to medicine in 2008.
• Associate Professor of Internal Medicine, Sapienza University of Rome
• Chairman of Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine
• Director, Internal Medicine Residency Program
• Director, Master in Headache Medicine, Department of Clinical and Molecular Medicine, Sapienza University of Rome
• Director, Regional Referral Headache Centre, Sant’Andrea Hospital, Rome.
• Past-President, European Headache Federation (2016-2018)
• Co-Founder and Chairman, Lifting The Burden, The Global Campaign against Headache (In Official Relations with WHO) (2009-2016)
• Chairman, Task Force on Headache, European Pain Federation (2012-2017)
• Expert, European Medicine Agency (EMA) (2015-present)
• Editor-in-Chief (Founding), The Journal of Headache and Pain, SpringerNature (IF 2017 = 3.403)
• Section Editor, Medicine, SN Comprehensive Clinical Medicine, SpringerNature (2018-present)
• Editor, SpringerPlus Headache and Pain Collection, SpringerOpen (2015-2016)
• Project Team Member, WHO Atlas of Headache Disorders and Resources in the World 2011, WHO Gèneve, (2011)
• Co-Editor-in-Chief, Handbook of Headache – The Practical Management, Springer, Heidelberg - New York, (2011)
• Series Editor, EHF Book Headache Series, Vol. I-V, Springer (2015-2018)
Prof. Dr JOACHIM T. MAURER, MD is an internationally recognized expert for the treatment of sleep disorders, in particular obstructive sleep apnea and snoring. He is Vice-Chairman of the University Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery at the University Hospital in Mannheim, University of Heidelberg, and Director of the associated Sleep Disorders Center. In addition, he lectures as a Honorary Professor at the Hochschule Mannheim, University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Information Technology. He is a fellow and honor award recipient of the German Society of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery, and received numerous awards of the American Academy of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery, the Polish Rhinologic Society, and the Rumanian Rhinologic Society. He is Vice-President of the task force “sleep medicine” of the German Society of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery and of the association of sleep medicine specialists of Baden-Württemberg.
Dr. Maurer has authored original research articles, review articles, and book chapters on OSA and snoring in many scientific and medical journals. He edited a textbook on sleep medicine and is associate editor of “Sleep and Breathing“, “European Annals of Oto-rhino-laryngology Head and Neck diseases” and “Somnology” and peer reviewer of multiple journals. He regularly appraises sleep disorders centers, is examiner for applicants in sleep disorders specialisation, and course director “Diagnosis and treatment of sleep disordered breathing” and “Surgery for sleep disordered breathing” for two decades.
His research focuses on pathophysiology and functional treatment of obstructive sleep apnea. He is a primary investigator in several clinical trials for Inspire’s Upper Airway Stimulation and ImThera Medical’s Targeted Hypoglossal Nerve Stimulation as well as other innovative treatments. For ten years he supports and launches an ENT-Department with residents’ training in the District Hospital of Ruli, Rwanda. Dr. Maurer has a wife and two children and enjoys reading, cycling, history and studying languages.
Prof. PIETRO PALMA www.pietropalma.it lives and practices in Milano where he has built a busy international practice fully devoted to rhinoplasty. Prof. Palma is regularly invited to lecture and operate in courses and meetings in all parts of the world.
Prof. Palma is serving as the Past-President of both The International Federation of Facial Plastic Surgery Societies and The European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery (EAFPS).
In 2001 he established with Prof. Paolo Castelnuovo the “Biennale International Milano Masterclass”.
Pietro Palma is Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (FACS)
Pietro has published numerous scientific papers and authored several chapters in reference international textbooks.
Pietro is Co-Editor of Rhinoplasty Archive www.rhinoplastyarchive.com
Prof. ANSHUL SAMA, BMedSCi, BMBSC, FRCS (Gen Surg), FRCS (Otol), is a consultant and Honorary Professor at Loughborough University, UK

Appointed as faculty and Consultant at University of Nottingham in 2000. He practices exclusively in the field of Rhinology with a special interest in Frontal Sinus Surgery, Endoscopic Skull base surgery and Sleep disordered breathing. He is a past Secretary of the Rhinology forum of Royal Society of Medicine and council member and Past Treasurer of the British Rhinology Society. He organises or participates in many annual teaching courses – Nottingham Advanced Frontal sinus surgery, Nottingham Facial Plastic Surgery, Copenhagen-Nottingham ENT Dissection course, Royal College of Edinburgh Advanced FESS course, Lariboisiere Advanced FESS course in Paris etc.. He has published in the areas of Frontal sinus and Image Guidance in Endoscopic sinus surgery.
ENT-Training at the Johannes- Gutenberg-Univ. Mainz, (1984-1987)
Thesis At the Johannes-Gutenberg Univ.Mainz (1988)
Consultant and Senior Consultant ORL-HNS, Ruhr-Univ. Bochum, Germany (1989-1992)
Head of ENT-Dept., Hospital Son Dureta, Palma de Mallorca, Spain, (1992-1998)
Privat-Dozent for ORL-HNS, Ruhr-Univ. Bochum, Germany, 1997
Head of ENT-Dept. Univ.Hospital Clinic, Barcelona, (1998-2017)
Full Professor of ORL-HNS, Univ.of Barcelona, (2007-2017)
Chair of ORL-HNS, University of Valencia, since December 2017

President of the Congress of the Spanish Society for ORL-HNS (1996)
President of the I Congress of the Confederation of European ORL-HNS 2011
Past-President of Confederation of European ORL-HNS (2015-2017)
President-elect of the Spanish Society of ORL-HNS (2018-2021)
Honorary Member of ENT-Societies of Hungary, Peru, Chile, Belgium, Germany.
Member of the Collegium Otorhinolaryngologicum Amicitae Sacrum since 2007
Over 170 peer-reviewed papers
15 books and over 150 book chapters.
h-factor 29
FAZIL APAYDIN, M.D. is working as a professor at the Department of Otorhinolaryngology of Ege University in Izmir. His subspecialty is facial plastic surgery since 1999. He passed the board exam of the International Federation of Facial Plastic Surgery Societies in 2007. He is the President of the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery. He is the UEMS representative of the academy in the UEMS-ENT committee. He is the executive board member of the Turkish Society of Facial Plastic Surgery. He is the executive board member of the International Board Certification for Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He is also a member of the International Advisory Committee of the JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery. He has been intensively lecturing all over the world since 2005.

Web site: www.fazilapaydin.com
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Prof. Ireneusz Bielecki is a graduate of the Silesian Medical Academy in Katowice. He specialises in otorhinolaryngology and pediatric otorhinolaryngology and has over 30 years of professional experience. For many years he has been treating adult patients at the Laryngology Clinic in Katowice and since 2001, he has been the head of the Children’s Otolaryngology Ward at the Upper Silesian Centre for Children’s Health in Katowice. He is the head of the Children’s Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery at the Medical University in Katowice.
Prof. Ireneusz Bielecki has completed numerous training and internships abroad, including in the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy and the United States. He is the Elected Chairman of the Polish Society of Pediatric Otolaryngologists and a member of the European Society of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology.
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She graduated from the Warsaw Medical University; in 2010 she became a specialist in the field of otorhinolaryngology; in 2011 she defended her PhD thesis on chronic rhinosinusitis in children. In 2014, she became a specialist in the field of pediatric otorhinolaryngology.
She is the Board Member of Polish Rhinologic Society, Secretary of Division of Rhinology and Facial Plastic Surgery if Polish Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Society
and Member of ERS Advisory Board.

She is the author of 37 articles and 3 chapters in the books in the field of rhinology, pediatric otorhinolaryngology and otology. She is assistant professor at Warsaw Medical University, Division of Medicine and Dentistry, Department of Otorhinolaryngology.

She gained her professional experience in academic hospitals related to the Warsaw Medical University and the centers in France: Department of Otorhinolaryngology Center Hospitalier Lyon-Sud (Prof. Christian Dubreuil), Department of Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Lyon (Dr. Yves Crassas); in Canada: Adamson Associates (Prof. Peter Adamson, Division of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Department of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery); in Italy Gruppo Otologico, Piacenza (Prof. Mario Sanna); in Slovakia: ORL Clinic and surgeon hlavy a krk, Košice (Prof. Juraj Koval) and in the USA: Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota (Prof. John Pallanch).
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Prof. PAWEŁ GOLUSIŃSKI - Prof. UZ is the Head of the ENT and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Department of the University in Zielona Góra and the Head of the ENT Department at the K. Marcinkowski University Hospital in Zielona Góra. He was a grantee of the ENT and Head and Neck Surgery Clinic in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Bergen (Norway), Rome (Italy) and Houston and Orlando (USA). Holds certificates of completion of surgical courses in the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Great Britain and the USA. He is the only medical professional in Poland to have completed the prestigious post-specialisation programme in Advanced Head and Neck Surgery at the Birmingham University Hospital in Great Britain. Author of many scientific publications in the field of otolaryngology and ENT oncology. One of the key national experts in otolaryngology and ENT oncology. One of the leading experts in Poland in the field of the impact of the HPV virus on malicious tumours of the head and neck. His key research interests include oncological surgery of the head and neck, thyroid surgery and flap reconstructive surgery.
Dr ANNA GRYGLAS-DWORAK, neurologist, earned her medical and doctoral degree from the Wroclaw Medical University. Her doctoral thesis focused on botulinum toxin A treatment in the field of neurology. For more than 10 years, she has been expanding her knowledge in the field of headache.
In 2015, she completed a study visit to the Headache Department in Mayo Clinic, Sctottsdale, AZ. She has taken part in international conferences in the field of headache and many international expert meetings. She has completed numerous practical training courses in interventional pain and headache treatment and is currently enrolled in post-doctoral studies at Jagiellonian University at the faculty of Pain Medicine. She has been nominated to attend the American Headache Academy and International Headache Academy for most prominent young scientists in the field of headache. She has authored and co-authored many articles on the subject of headache and pain, the most recent ones include: "Idiopathic intracranial hypertension", "Migraine and stroke. What's the risk, what to do?", "Allergic rhinitis and chronic daily headaches – is there a link". She is a member of American Headache Society, International Headache Society, Polish Association for the Study of Pain.
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Graduate of the Medical University in Poznań, specialist in anaesthesiology and intensive therapy. Employed at the Greater Poland Oncology Centre, she collaborates with the Head, Neck and Laryngological Oncology Clinic. Member of the European Society of Anaesthesiology and Board Member of the Polish Society of Head and Neck Cancer.
Dr DARLENE LUBBE is an Associate Professor in the Division of Otolaryngology at Groote Schuur Hospital at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. Her main interest is endoscopic sinus, skull base and now more recently, transorbital surgery.

She currently runs the Karl Storz training programme in endoscopic sinus and skull base surgery for Sub-Saharan Africa. She has been involved in the development of instruments for transorbital skull base surgery and has co-authored chapters on transorbital surgery, describing the different surgical approaches. She has presented her work on transorbital surgery at many international conferences across the world and will be teaching the different techniques at international courses over the next few years.
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Fifth-year student at the Medical Department. Head of the Student Club at the Otolaryngology Clinic at the Medicine and Dentistry Department at the Warsaw Medical University since the academic year 2019/2020 and member of the board of the Student Scientific Society. Her research interests include obstructive sleep apnoea in elderly patients. She loves Abysinnian cats and Formula 1 racing.
Dr JOANNA SZALENIEC is an ENT specialist, head and neck surgeon. She works as assistant professor at the Chair and Clinic of the Jagiellonian University Collegium Medicum in Kraków. Her PhD dissertation was on the use of artificial neuron networks in planning surgical treatment of patients with chronic nasal sinusitis. The dissertation was honoured with awards of the Polish Medical Association, Kraków Medical Association and the Polish Statistical Association. She is currently working on issues related to the microbiome of the nasal sinuses and researching innovative methods of battling bacterial biofilms. She teaches at the Jagiellonian University and the Medical School for Foreigners. Her interests include the history of medicine and popularising science.
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Specialist in Internal and Pulmonary Medicine. Adjunct professor at the Pulmonology Chair and Clinic at the Medical Department of the Silesian Medical University. Head of the Polysomnography Lab at the Pulmonology Chair and Clinic at the Medical Department of the Silesian Medical University. One of the first group of researchers and practitioners of sleep medicine in Poland holding a certificate in sleep medicine of the Polish Society of Sleep Research. Member of the Management Board of the Polish Society on Sleep Research and the section of breathing disorders at the Polish Society of Pulmonary Diseases and the European Respiratory Society.
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Prof. IZABELLA ŁĘCKA, member of the team of the Centre for Management in Health Care at the Department of Management at the University of Warsaw. Her PhD dissertation concerned medical geography from the epidemiological and her post-doctoral degree dissertation discussed the social approach to the same issue (in the context of telemedicine in Africa and Asia). She completed higher education studies in Warsaw and Cairo and an internship at Kent State University (USA). Member and later head of field research in Egypt, Turkey, Tanzania, United Arab Emirates.
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PhD candidate at the Children’s Allergy and Pulmonology Clinic at the Warsaw Medical University.
Graduated from medical studies in 2016. Since 2017, a PhD candidate at the Children’s Allergy and Pulmonology Clinic at the Warsaw Medical University and resident physician at in the course of specialisation in pediatric pulmonological diseases at the Pediatric Hospital at the Warsaw Medical University. Author of numerous academic papers on air pollution and its health effects.
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Zofia Burska
Sixth-year student at the Medical Department. Since 2017, she has been a member of the Student Club at the Otolaryngology Clinic at the Medicine and Dentistry Department at the Warsaw Medical University. Her research interests include obstructive sleep apnoea and its impact on neurological diseases. She loves mountain hiking and classical music.
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