Dear Colleagues!

The first of May has always been associated with joy. In the times of socialist Poland, 1 May had been a particularly colourful day – there was the annual Labour Day parade with a sea of colourful balloons, flags and banners, the shops were excellently stocked for the day and numerous concerts and open-air events were held. We did not need much to create great memories.
For you, the friends of RhinoForum, 1 May has always been the day when registration for our annual meeting commenced. There is a group of colleagues who always sent in their applications immediately when the registration procedure was launched. Alas, this year, this will not be the case. Although the RhinoForum 2020 programme is ready, I do not know how exactly the event will be held. The reason for this is the COVID-19 pandemic. I can assure you, however, that the date of the event will not change since we have already got a draft of the RhinoForum 2021 programme ready. Please have a look at the programme of this year’s RhinoForum and we will get back to you with news as soon as we can. I do hope we will know more by the beginning of the summer vacation period. Please do not cross the saved date of 3-5 December 2020 off from your agendas as the RhinoForum 2020 will take place no matter what. I see no other option.

Prof. Antoni Krzeski
President of RhinoForum 2020

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