Dear Colleagues,

I would like to greet you sincerely as the guests of the 18th International Rhinologic Conference RhinoForum 2020 which will take place on 4-5 December 2020. Unfortunately, because of the pandemic, we can only meet online this year. This is a forced situation and I am not pleased with it since it has always been a great pleasure for me to host you in Warsaw.

This year’s conference will be held in hybrid form i.e. most speakers will travel to our Warsaw recording studio to deliver their talks which will be broadcast live online. As such, we will be able to maintain the interactive nature of the individual sessions.

As every year, the RhinoForum 2020 programme is very diverse and our speakers from Poland and abroad are the most outstanding experts in their fields. We will be hosting some renowned guests this year, among others, Professor Paolo Castelnuovo with his team of the ORL Clinic in Varese, Italy – a leading centre for paranasal sinuses and skull base surgery and Professor Darlene Lubbe from the Republic of South Africa – the pionieer of contemporary endoscopic transorbital approaches to adjacent pathologies. These two talks will certainly be true gems for surgeons.

We have also prepared a host of talks on rhinology and neighbouring topics for our non-surgeon attendees. I heartily recommend a series of talks entitled “Entire Poland Reads the EPOS 2020” [Cała Polska Czyta EPOS 2020] devoted to the European Position Paper on Rhinosinusitis and Nasal Polyps – the EPOS 2020. You will be able to get acquainted step by step, chapter by chapter with the key theses featured in this paramount document. This will certainly be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Please have a look at the detailed programme of the conference.

See you soon in virtual reality!

Prof. Antoni Krzeski
Chairman of the Scientific and Organising Committee

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