Dear Colleagues,

It gives me great pleasure to invite you to the next international rhinology conference, the RhinoForum 2019.
We will meet in Warsaw, in late November this year, for the 17th time running to exchange our knowledge, opinions and experience in the area of rhinology. As every year, our speakers will be the most outstanding experts in this field from both Poland and abroad.
The programme of this year’s RhinoForum will be exceptionally diverse and, above all, highly interdisciplinary in nature.
Apart from speeches and sessions by invited speakers, three traditional symposia/seminars will be held as well, namely: “Snoring and Sleep Apnoea for Otorhinolaryngologists”, “Headaches in Daily Practice” and “Rhinoplasty masterclass”.

In addition, this year we are organising a unique symposium:
in tribute to Prof. Heinz Stammberger
This is our way of honouring and paying tribute to Prof. H. Stammberger, the founder of contemporary endoscopic nasal sinus surgery, who passed away in December.
During the symposium, there will be a presentation of surgeries on patients with nasal sinus pathologies performed by invited lecturers.
We sincerely hope that the topics discussed during the RhinoForum will turn out to be interesting not only to our fellow otorhinolaryngologists but also specialists in other fields who are all cordially invited to the event.

Yours faithfully,
Professor Antoni Krzeski

Warsaw, 01.03.2019

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