Profesor Antoni Krzeski

Dear Colleagues,

It is with great pleasure that I invite you to attend the 20th Anniversary International RhinoForum 2022 Conference.
For the twentieth time we will meet at the beginning of December in Warsaw to exchange knowledge, opinions and experience in the field of rhinology. As every year, our speakers will be the most prominent experts in this field from Poland and abroad.

Following a long-standing tradition, the programme of this year's RhinoForum will be extremely diverse and, above all, interdisciplinary.
In addition to lectures and invited sessions, three traditional symposia/seminars will be held: "Snoring and Sleep Apnea for ENT Surgeons”, "Headaches in Daily Practice" and "Rhinoplasty Masterclass". In accordance with your expectations, the programme is arranged in the form of two blocks – one in Polish and one in English.
I especially recommend to you "ENDOSCOPIC SINUS SURGERY MASTERCLASS - MEETING WITH MASTERS", during which you will be able to listen to lectures and see dissections of anatomical preparations performed by the best of the best.

I hope that the topics proposed during the RhinoForum 2022 will prove interesting not only for our fellow otorhinolaryngologists, but also for specialists of other fields, who are also cordially invited to the event.
I hope you remember our long-standing promotional slogan:

With warm regards,
Prof. Antoni Krzeski

Warsaw, June 2022