Ladies and Gentlemen,


I am very pleased to invite you to upcoming international rhinology conference – RhinoForum 2018.

We are going to meet in Warsaw again to exchange knowledge, our views and experiences concerning rhinology.  After all, it is the most extensive part of laryngology. During previous editions of the conference, we had as lecturers the most prominent Polish and global experts in rhinology. This year, apart from our colleagues from Poland, we are going to be honored by the presence of specialists from the United States, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, and Italy.

The program of this year’s RhinoForum is exceptionally rich, diverse, and, above all, multidisciplinary. We have prepared four exceptional symposiums for you: “Smell and taste – forgotten senses”, „Rhinoplasty masterclass”, “Sleep apnea & snoring in pediatric population” and “Headaches in everyday practice”.

As usual, there we are going to spend some time on discussing the post-nasal drip. This year we are going to attempt to answer the question if there is “light at the end of the (post-nasal) tunnel?”

We hope that the discussed topics will be interesting not only to ENT specialists but also specialists in other medical fields. 


See you in Warsaw.


Prof. Antoni Krzeski, MD, Ph.D.

Warsaw, February 2018

Preliminary program

American Rhinology
– a visit to Poland
German Rhinology
– a visit to Poland
Belgian Rhinology
– a visit to Poland
Practical Workshops
Keynote Lectures
Free Papers
O zapaleniach górnych dróg
oddechowych u dzieci
Alergologia dla laryngologów
Spływanie wydzielin po tylnej
ścianie gardła. Czy widzać
światełko w tunelu gardła?


Department of Otorhinolaryngology 
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